Community Health Worker Models in Other States

Community Health Worker Models in Other States



Indiana CHW Association


Purpose: Provide sources of information to the community, provide education, and enhance the healthcare system.


  • Enhance access and coordinated client/patient-centered care
  • Support client/patient engagement in care
  • Facilitate cultural brokering
  • Case management
  • Teaching
  • Support community mobilization and advocacy


Ohio CHW Association

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Purpose: Provide a comprehensive link to community resources through family-based services.


  • Counties grouped into regions for CHWs
  • Applications to apply to be a CHW


New England

Massachusetts Association of CHWs


Purpose: Strengthen the professional identity of CHWs, foster leadership, and promote integration of CHWs into the healthcare, public health, and human services workforce


  • Job opportunities
  • Education and training
  • Policy (local, state, employer)
  • 1-day forums
  • Conferences


West Virginia CHW Network


Purpose: Aims to build the capacity of rural community-based organizations to develop sustainable health education and promotion programs based on the CHW model.


  • Provides partners technical assistance in:
  • Project Planning
  • Budgeting & Marketing
  • Partnership Development
  • Evaluation
  • Fundraising
  • CHW best practices



Texas Gulf Coast CHW Association


Purpose: Bringing together area services providers, CHWs, and continuing education opportunities.


  • Training and Education
  • Career opportunities
  • Annual summit


Arkansas CHW Association


Purpose:  Provide training, continuing education, and career advancement,  advocate for steady and reliable funding, increase awareness of CHWs, and convene CHWs from across the state.


  • Annual Summit
  • Education and Training
  • Recruitment
  • Development networking across the state
  • Research on CHWs
  • Programs with funders and roles within those programs



California Association of CHW


Purpose: Increasing access to care, reducing costs, promoting happy, healthy, communities.


  • How to recruit and train
  • Forming relationships with community partners
  • Research, Policy Analysis
  • Model programs (IEHP)


CHWs of Nevada


Purpose: Bridge between communities and the traditional health care and human service systems.


  • CDC resources (CHW handbook and toolkits)
  • Job opportunities
  • Education and Training  
  • Policy Development