Jay Hedgpeth, PhD, LMSW

Associate Professor
Tennessee States University


Jay Hedgpeth PhD, LMSW is an Associate Professor in Tennessee State University’s Social Work Program.  Hedgpeth is currently the Co-facilitator of the Society of Social Work Researchers special interest group on Interprofessional, Interdisciplinary, and Inter collegial Research.  In 2012 – 2015, he worked at Southern University at New Orleans as an Assistant Professor. At Arizona State University (ASU), Hedgpeth worked as a Faculty Associate from 2008 until 2012. He earned his Bachelors of Social Work (Magna cum Laude), MSW, and PhD all from ASU. In 2007 – 2010, Hedgpeth worked at the Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center at ASU as a Research Associate. His internships were completed at the MARC Center Outpatient Clinic and with United Way.  Hedgpeth's dissertation evaluated the development of resident councils at two assisted living facilities. His current research explores the development of successful life outcomes for vulnerable populations. His volunteer work includes conducting Peer Reviews for several journals, evaluating the progress towards the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, and working with Maricopa County’s Guardian Review Program