In 2016, through a partnership with the Nashville Health Disparities Coalition, the Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance began convening the Faith & Health Collaborative. Initially with just a handful of stakeholders representing local churches, state government, health department and health systems – the Faith & Health Collaborative has documented contact with hundreds of local faith leaders, increasing the faith community’s capacity to address health and well-being.

To date the Faith & Health collaborative reaches over 200+ faith leaders, academic researchers, healthcare and community-based organizations.

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  • MISSION: To be a collaborative that engages the local Metropolitan Nashville faith-based community through outreach, networking, and a capacity building with partners.
  • VISION: A coalition establishing a culture of wellness within diverse faith-based congregations and committees.


Annual Faith & Health Programming includes

  • FAITH-BASED RESOURCE GUIDE: Develop an annual resource guide of faith-based assets that improve health equity.
  • HEALTH RESOURCE: Support faith leaders with interfaith workshops on relevant health issues.
  • CAPACITY BUILDING: Host informational roundtable discussions, intersecting health research and evidence-based practices with local hands-on leaders and practitioners of the Nashville community.
  • SUPPORT: Support church health activities by amplifying announcements and event flyers relating to well-being.
  • NETWORKING: Develop intensive relationships to support the overall capacity of Nashville’s communities of faith.